Currently Reading: The Warmth of Other Suns

If you quiet your mind long enough, you can hear the hums of black families migrating from South to North, crowns beaming with pride and chests brimming with hope. Isabel Wilkerson’s magnum opus The Warmth of Other Suns serves as an encyclopedia of Black legacy during The Great Migration. Over 1000 interviews were conducted to create numerous vignettes rich with hardship and illuminated with resilience. Shush, read, let the words fall like sweet nectar as you are wrapped in the warmth of triumphant voices.

I’m a firm believer that true education lies in listening to one another. This title invites readers to step into the intimate worlds of black families who believed in claiming a life worth living, encountering grave danger and the perils of systemic racism along the way. There are accounts within this book that remind me of my father and others that align more closely with my aunt. Some sound like quotes that could have come straight from my cousins. Though my family’s story does not involve migration – in fact, we are born and bred Missourians (nevermind that I grew up in the California sunshine), the root themes of legacy, strength, and an unwavering sense of bravery is flush on each page.

Have you read this title before? Drop a note and share what your greatest take away from this work was.

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